Positive Teaching! Where the only attitude accepted is in your Dance!

Urbanflow is a movement and culture of streetdance. Teaching respect, discipline and ethical values. We voice this in our actions and in our shows. Connection of mind, body and soul. Bringing those that feel in isolation together in a family where they belong and matter. Teaching authentic styles. With quality, understanding, support, patience and lots of laughter! First started in 2012. Urbanflow has developed with fearless determination to become the ever growing dance company that it is. With Urbanflow you can guarantee progression opportunity and fun. Teaching a fusion of hiphop, house, breaking, popping, locking and more…

Streetdance has evolved from The Bronx, the streets, parties and Kool Herc. Its a movement, a protest and a vibe. HipHop is a culture of Mc’s, music, dance, graffiti and life! The Urbanflow family is your friend. We connect, laugh and learn. We progress and develop our strength of mind and our dance.
 Here you are not alone.
 Let go, be you.
 No judgement.
 Leave your cares at the door and dance it out!

The Sky is the Limit!

Maybe you just love dance?
Maybe you want to get fit?
Increase your circle of friends with like-minded people?
Always wanted to give it a go, but thought you couldn’t?
Too young?
Too old?
Want to perform?
Fufill your dreams?
Want goals? Compete!

Join Urbanflow and create your own positive future.

Shows & Events

You could even have the opportunity to get involved in one of our annual shows. Everyone is welcome! Audition for one of our crews! Opportunity is abundant here. No discrimination. friendly and positive.

At Urbanflow everyone has the opportunity to perform. With such great success in March 2018 and 2019 and plenty of excited feedback for more shows it was a real no brainer! We get invited to a lot of events too. So if you’re hungry for performing for fun and want to be a part of charity events, festivals and shows this is for you!

Featuring Urbanflow Dancers

Urbanflow Christmas by Wiseman Productions

B4TheFALL feat Urbanflow Dancers

Contact Urbanflow

Contact me on the form below or Call: 07885 261178

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